This is a critical first step in the design process of large projects. Architects Pacific have completed a variety of different masterplanning projects for a variety of different clients all over the world. These include those for Health, Education, Housing, Commercial and Tourism planning.

As part of this process Architects Pacific are engaged to come up with a masterplan that serves as a dynamic long-term planning document that not only describes the architecture and strategy but also feasibilities and phasing of projects on a range of scales.

Concept Planning & Design

Concept Design defines the parameters of what the client wants/needs. This is a vital part of the whole process which gives the client confidence in the design abilities of the Architect. Architects Pacific pride ourselves in our ability to deeply understand what the client wants and adequately translate this into a series of layout plans, basic sections and 3D imagery that is client specific and never duplicated.

Outline Planning Consent

A requirement by regulatory bodies in Fiji equivalent to Resource Consent in New Zealand. This applies to larger building projects to ensure that in the first instance the planning and design complies with the setback, density and height restrictions. A typical set of outline planning documents consists of 3D renderings (showing an indication of colour and finishes), plans, elevations, sections and some typical construction details.

Building Permit Consent

A requirement by regulatory bodies in Fiji equivalent to Building Consent in New Zealand. This is where documentation is submitted for consent to build that must comply with the National Building Code for Fiji.

Any structural changes to existing buildings or new-builds will require building consent to be applied for and this will therefore require the documentation of a registered Structural Engineer as well as Registered Architect to be coordinated and submitted. With larger projects it is also essential to engage a services engineer consultant to document for mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, data and communications and fire.

Architects Pacific act as the lead consultant to large teams of designers and have the ability to be able to coordinate this for permits and then to execute for construction.

Project Management & Contract Administration

Architects Pacific are not only able to deliver a service as architects and designers but are also able to fulfill the role of project manager as well. We feel this is key to the success of our project deliveries.

Managing a project to finish within the parameters of a given program and set budget is a crucial part of the design and construction process. To be able to design and then follow through to manage the building contract is crucial to the project’s success and to ensure quality control. Architects Pacific play a key role in many of our projects as contract administrators and project managers for a variety of different and very complex contracts.

Architects Pacific have the capabilities of in house architects and project managers to be under the scope of project management Architects Pacific are able to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Tendering & Selection
  2. Scoping & Negotiation
  3. Procurement & Management of Client Supplied Items
  4. Administration of a range of types of building contracts
  5. Coordination of permits to occupy, certifications and compliance

Interior Design

Architects Pacific are able to produce interior design documentation on smaller scaled projects but we usually like to involve specialized consultants on the larger, more complex buildings. Interior Design is an essential component of the design of spatial layouts, materiality, texture, colour and style. In the scope of interior design is procurement which means that we would be responsible for the selection and quoting of furniture, fixtures, finishes and equipment.

Landscape Design

As is with interior design Architects Pacific are able to also produce landscape design documentation on select and scaled projects but we usually like to involve specialised consultants on larger, more complex jobs. The design of the landscape and hardscape are essential to the success of any building project.

Renovation and Restoration

Architects Pacific have done a lot of renovation and restoration work for a wide range of building size and type. This is one of the most challenging parts of the architectural profession as the parameters and unknowns of a renovation project are much more diverse than that of a new build. The most recent renovation project that we have completed is for TVNZ for Building Blocks a TV renovation show where we completed a house renovation in Auckland.

Tourism & Hospitality Planning & Design

This is largest segment of Architects Pacific portfolio and as a company we proud ourselves in being the leaders in the design industry for tourism in the Pacific. The team at Architects Pacific has a wide variety of knowledge and skill pertaining to hospitality masterplanning, planning and design especially focussed on the typologies of South Pacific and tropical resort environments.

Cultural Planning & Design

Architects Pacific have been the lead design consultant on several cultural Expos around the world for representation of the South Pacific. These are Brisbane 1988, Seville 1992, Hannover 2002 and Shanghai 2010. Our portfolio consists of work for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in Suva – this complex of buildings was described as the Pacific Way in Architecture by the Prime Minister at the time and for the South Pacific Economic Commission in New Caledonia where we used local artisans and boat builders for large elements of the buildings.

Housing & Residential Planning & Design

Architects Pacific have done houses and large residential complexes all over the world. For residential projects the client-Architect relationship is key. The dialogue and interpretation of the brief is essential to the success of the project.

Educational Planning & Design

Architects Pacific have done a lot of tertiary education planning and design in Fiji. One of Architects Pacific’s first major jobs in Fiji was for the University of the South Pacific’s Laucala Campus masterplanning and original buildings.

Commercial Planning & Design

Architects Pacific have done a lot of work in commercial planning and design. This makes up another large portion of the portfolio along with Tourism and Health. The most recent project completed was for a large hardware yard and store for a major distirbutor in Fiji. A multi storey complex with plans to extend for shopping malls and car parking which was part of a large masterplanning exercise.

Timber Detailing and Construction: Low Rise and High Rise

Architects Pacific do specialise in all types of building construction but do tend to specialise in timber structural detailing and pre-fabrication. Architects Pacific have done a lot of research and development into timber high rise buildings as well which seems to be something which is picking up traction as a building technique. Timber is not only easy to pre-fabricate and erect it also has very good structural and fire retarding properties which defy popular pre-conceptions.

Health/Hospital Planning & Design

Architects Pacific have done a large variety of clinics and hospitals for the public and private sector. Health planning is very complex and is not an easy task. The planning of a hospital surprisingly has a lot in common with hospitality planning, this being the intricacies and layering of front of house and back of house operations.

Traditional Pacific Architecture & Design

Architects Pacific specialise in the design of traditional pacific building typologies that are not only representative of culture and heritage but are also sympathetic to the, often harsh, environment and climate of the Pacific Islands.

Architects Pacific have done a number of traditional buildings for tourism and for villages across the Pacific. We have done a number of traditional Fijian bures and bure kalous, traditional canoe houses, Samoan/Tongan Fales, Kiribati Maniaba and Vanuatu Nakamals to name a few.

Architecture and Construction in the Islands

Architects Pacific have built close to 200 buildings all over the Pacific Islands over the past 50 years. Architects Pacific not only understand the complexities of building in the Islands in terms of access to materials, logistics and specialized labour but also in terms of regulations, leasing and permitting.

Renderings & Animations

Architects Pacific have in-house capability to create in a short timeframes high resolution renderings and animations for a wide variety of projects.